Rebecca's skinny dip

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 June 2008

Rebecca in swimming costume

Rebecca jumped into the 'Big Brother' pool wearing just a thong last night (08.06.08).

The saucy housemate made a splash after being challenged to jump into the water naked by fellow contestants as part of a Truth or Dare game.

She said: "Can I keep my pants on? I've got a bit of a shaving rash."

During the game, Mohamed - who loves fit, curvy women with dark hair and blue or brown eyes - was asked when he last had sex.

He admitted: "About a year and eight months ago."

Steph was dared to kiss muscle man Mario but refused and rubbed wedding cake into her face instead.

Gay dancer Dennis confessed to romping in a corn field while Mohamed also admitted he has had "naughty thoughts" about Sylvia.

Recently reunited couple Mario and Lisa sat in the garden while the rest of the housemates played the revealing game.

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