Simon Cowell's toothy obsession

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  • 9 June 2008

Simon Cowell's toothy obsession

Simon Cowell is obsessed with teeth.

Fearne Cotton - who presented the spin-off to UK TV talent show 'The X Factor', 'The Xtra Factor' - revealed the talent show judge is "jealous" of her gnashers.

She said: "One of the first things Simon said to me was, 'You've got lovely teeth'. He's got a teeth obsession. I've got quite massive front teeth and I think he's quite envious.

"His are hilariously white. They're blinding!"

Simon recently splashed out on cosmetic dentistry leaving his teeth noticeably whiter - much to the ridicule of his fellow judges.

The 48-year-old music mogul once offered to pay for his 'X Factor' co-judge Louis Walsh to have his teeth capped.

Simon said: "Louis was supposed to have new teeth. He does need them. I would actually pay for him to have new teeth.

"It's a big job. In fact, I'll start with just one tooth this year. Then we can keep going for the next 20 years."

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