George Michael's Wham! ban

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 June 2008

George Michael's Wham! ban

George Michael may ban a film about his pop group Wham!

The band's former manager Simon Napier-Bell, 69, is in talks to bring the story of the group - which featured Michael and Andrew Ridgeley - to the big screen, with a £50 million production.

Napier-Bell - who promises a truthful documentary, showing what really went on behind the scenes during the touring days of Wham! - he fears Michael could pull the plug on the whole project by forbidding him to use any of the band's music in the production.

He said: "There are several people sniffing around my Wham! film, but I'm not sure any of them will come off because they all require Wham! music in them and George controls that. He will have the yes or not on each script presented. George would want control."

Napier-Bell wants the film to concentrate on the band's glory years between 1983 and 1985 when Wham! were at their peak in the charts.

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