Claudia Winkleman's teeth fib

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  • 9 March 2017
Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman has admitted to telling "little white lies" to her kids, and her favourite is to tell them Taylor Swift is obsessed with brushing her teeth

Claudia Winkleman tells her kids Taylor Swift is obsessed with brushing her teeth.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' host - who has sons Jake, 13, and Arthur, five, and daughter Matilda, 10, with husband Kris Thykier - insists it is normal for parents to tell "little white lies" to their children and thinks they should "embrace" them.

And Claudia admitted letting her brood believe their favourite pop star loves nothing more than keeping her pearly whites clean only serves to encourage them to look after their own oral hygiene better.

Speaking to bloggers Scummy Mummies Helen and Ellie, and Anna from Mother Pukka in a video that can be viewed below, Claudia admitted: "My favourite little white lie is - it's working quite well, it's strong at the moment - is that Taylor Swift, her favourite past time is brushing her teeth.

"If you ever went to her house, you know what she'd be doing? Brushing her teeth. She can't get enough of it. Sometimes she'll brush her teeth four, five times a day.

"And my kids are like, 'How do you know that?' and I'm like, 'How do you not know that? Look at them. Yeah.' We'll just go upstairs and brush them again. Thank you Taylor."

The group were discussing research carried out by NOW TV to celebrate the launch of 'Big Little Lies' in the UK, which found a quarter of parents admitted to telling little white lies at least once a day to their kids, while 55% will fib once a week.

And almost half of parents lie to their friends about their parenting style, with 53% not admitting to accidentally swearing in front of their kids, 44% letting their offspring wear pyjamas all day and 31% not wanting to let others know they give their kids junk food.

Among the most common white lies mums and dads tell their kids is telling them annoying toy is lost or broken, warning Santa won't visit if they're not good, and in a bid to leave somewhere like the park, telling children it is closing.

Some parents worried about healthy eating will tell kids vegetables will give them superpowers, and if they hear an ice cream van, they claim the music means it has ran out of treats.

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