Luke's drunken admission

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  • 8 June 2008

Luke's admits he has been drunk before

Luke has told Steph why he doesn't drink - saying it makes him "awful."

Suit-wearing student Luke was chatting with Steph this morning (08.06.08) when he confided that he has drunk in the past. He says he had a half bottle of peach liqueur Archers but stopped when he found it didn't agree with him.

Luke told blonde Steph: "I was on a club 18-30 holiday and they gave me a half bottle of Archers, and after that I was awful, oh, awful."

Clean living student Luke - who says he wants to change the image of the typical student by not drinking, swearing or doing drugs - also told Afro-haired Mohammed not to make special allowances with his language while around him.

Luke said: "I'm not bothered by people swearing, it doesn't bother me, so there's no need to apologise all the time, I just don't do it myself."

Luke's clean living is a stark contrast to other contestants on this year's 'Big Brother' - two housemates have previously been in trouble with the law.

Albino Darnell Swallow, 26, was deported from the US for his gang involvements and mouthy Rebecca Shiner, 21, was held by police in Paris when following boybands.

Alexandra De-Gale, 23, reportedly had a restraining filed against her by a previous friend and alleges she has a boyfriend outside the house called Courtney Hutchinson, who is currently being held in jail in connection with a shooting.

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