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  • The List
  • 11 December 2006

The Sopranos We haven’t half banged on about this in 2006, but with valid reason as the sixth season took Tony’s good/evil dichotomy to new zones as he tried to handle a gay captain, a loopy uncle and an unruly son.

Saxondale/Extras Steve Coogan’s return to form was a slowburner with a big pay-off and the rollicking appearances of Chris Martin and David Bowie breathed life into the second series of the Merchant/Gervais show.

Prison Break Simply the most audacious new American drama of the year, with a belief suspension required to make this an enjoyable corker.

Lost/Desperate Housewives Some people seem to love them.

Young@Heart A heart-rending and spirit-lifting experience was ensured when we followed the story of an octogenarian choir on tour in America.

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