Jennifer admits divorce

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  • 8 June 2008

Jennifer has admitted her divorce

Jennifer has admitted she is going through a divorce.

Jennifer, 22, told part time DJ Dale, 21, she is getting divorced after he told her he fancies her.

Dale proclaimed in front of other housemates: "I like you a little bit Jenny."

Jennifer seems to have taken the comment on board, and when straight-laced student housemate Luke suggested PE teacher Dale liked blonde Steph, Jennifer protectively replied: "Last night he told me he liked me."

The Catholic mother-of-one and part-time model has a lot to answer for.

David, 24, her soon to be ex-husband and father of her baby, Maddiline, claims he had no idea she was going to be on the show. He has blasted Jen for leaving her two-year-old to be isolated from the outside world on 'Big Brother'.

David, from County Durham told Britain's News of the World newspaper: "I can't believe she's done this. She knew I didn't want her to go in because Maddy's so small. When I saw her on TV, I felt utter and total shock."

David tells how Jennifer was kicked out by her strict Catholic parents after they had spent the night together, and how they tragically lost their first child a few days after it was born. He also says that after the birth of Maddiline Jennifer became obsessed with fame and 'Big Brother'.

He said: "All she talked about how as how she wanted to be on Big Brother. It became an obsession. She would read magazines and see Cheryl Cole's diamond ring or Victoria Beckhams's flash necklace and want the same."

Jennifer and Steph could also clash over another issue - previous 'Big Brother' contestant Anthony Hutton, who has previously dated blonde Steph and is good friends with Jennifer.

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