Jason Momao to star in Just Cause

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  • 8 March 2017
Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Jason Momao will star in upcoming feature film 'Just Cause', based on action video games series

Jason Momoa is to star in new action movie 'Just Cause'.

The 37-year-old actor is to play Rico Rodriguez, an operative for an organisation known as the Agency in the project, which is an adaption of Square Enix's video game franchise of the same name.

Director Brad Peyton is on board to helm the project, which will be a reunion for the pair as they worked together on Netflix series 'Frontier'. The script is being penned by Walking With Dinosaurs' John Collee.

No plot details are available for the project yet but it is believed to follow a similar path to the video game storyline which will see Rico get a crisis of conscience while on a mission and decide to go it alone.

'Just Cause' first hit home consoles in 2006 and has spawned two sequels; 'Just Cause 2' in 2010 and 'Just Cause 3' in 2015.

There is no date yet for shooting to commence on the project as Peyton's is due to start filming another video game adaptation 'Rampage', which will star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson battling giant monsters intent on destroying a city.

Momoa is also going to be busy playing DC Comics superhero Aquaman, who will be seen in the upcoming ensemble movie 'Justice League' released in November and his own standalone movie in the DC Extended Universe.

Filming on 'Aquaman' is due to start later this year with a proposed release date of October 2018.

Momoa has shared his thoughts on the script for 'Aquaman', describing the movie as like nothing that anyone has ever seen on the big screen before.

He teased: "I read the ('Aquaman') script and let me just put it this way, I've never seen a movie that's anything like this. It's going to be a world that you've never seen before, which is really cool.

"We went to space, we travelled all over different worlds, but we never went underwater. So it's just a really cool spin on what's below and it uses a lot of great movies that I already love - whether that be 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' to 'Star Wars' to 'Lord of the Rings' to 'Romancing the Stone'. It has a lot of really cool adventure, it's funny and heroic, and there's a lot of different characters and a lot of different worlds that we get to go to. So I've never really seen anything like it."

'Aquaman' will also star Amber Heard as Queen of Atlantis Mera, Patrick Wilson as the titular character's evil half-brother the Ocean Master Orm Marius, Willem Dafoe as a friend and adviser to Aquaman named Vulko and John Cleese in an unknown role but one that has been described as a "significant part". Nicole Kidman is rumoured to be portraying Arthur Curry's mother Atlanna.

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