Sylvia gets her knickers in a twist

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  • 8 June 2008

Mikey at the stag party

Sylvia has slammed Mikey for wearing her knickers.

Sylvia ranted, telling blind Mikey - who has already revealed a penchant for cross dressing - that he was "out of order" after she caught him in her underwear.

The 21-year-old student was less than impressed after finding Mikey adorned in her thong after playing about in the Jacuzzi with camp dance teacher Dennis and 'stag' Mario, at the stag party for Mario's 'wedding' to Steph later today (08.06.08).

Dennis had exclaimed: "Mikey, you've got somebody's thong in your hand," before Mikey slipped it over his bunny costume.

Mikey apologised, saying he would buy her a new one, while Mario joked on the value of the knickers at auction.

However, Sylvia refused to see the comic side of the situation, saying: "This is not a joke. I don't find this funny, you don't go around putting on other people's knickers. It's not having a laugh. I can't believe you would be so disrespectful."

Mario reassured Mikey, blaming the incident on Sylvia being upset at not being chosen, along with Jennifer and Alexandra, to be a bridesmaid for 'bride'-to-be Steph's hen party.

Mario added: "The problem is because they never got picked as bridesmaids they had faces like smacked a**es. It was written all over them," he said.

The male housemates had earlier remarked that the girls not wearing the 'Playboy Bunny' outfits given to them by Big Brother meant they had "shown their true colours." Mikey, Dennis and PE teacher Dale then put the outfits on instead.

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