Pre-wedding party carnage

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  • 8 June 2008

Dale at the stag party

Big Brother treated housemates to stag and hen parties last night.

The house was split into male and female sides as they prepared to celebrate before the forthcoming 'marriage' of Mario and Steph today (08.06.08).

However, not all female contestants were invited to the hen party.

Steph chose Thai massage therapist Kathreya, busty Lisa, Welsh trainee teacher Rachel and mouthy Rebecca to be her bridesmaids. The foursome were sent to a private room to choose Steph's dress, jewelry and flowers while they guzzled champagne, cakes and sweets. The remaining three girls - Sylvia, Jennifer and Alexandra- were left sitting on the sofa.

Jennifer said: "I bet there's a lot of high-pitched screaming going on in that room. We're gonna have a party and we're not invited. Why are they doing this to us?"

But Big Brother then informed the three girls they were to attend the stag party instead, providing them with playboy bunny outfits - which they duly refused to wear. After compromising and donning the rabbit's ears part of the costumes, the girls partied with the male housemates in a cordoned off area in the garden.

Keen not to let the party costumes go to waste, cross-dressing blind comedian Mikey, keen dancer Dennis and PE teacher Dale donned the bunny costumes themselves.

Dennis also hatched a plot to play at trick on groom Mario, saying: "We have to tie Mario to the lamppost when he gets drunk. The girls could pour beer over him"

All the housemates decided to get drunk, with Steph telling her bridesmaids if they were hung-over, they could ask for painkillers this morning (08.06.08).

The 'Wedding' held today is a sham, part of a secret task from Big Brother in which Mario has to pretend he and Steph are a couple. If they fail the task, the couple, along with student Luke and Mario's real life girlfriend Lisa will be up for eviction. If they carry it off, the rest of the house will face the public vote.

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