Mario's wedding ban

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  • 8 June 2008

Mario and Stephanie

Mario banned all housemates who think his and Steph's wedding is fake from attending the ceremony.

Keen dancer Dennis, 23, and single mum Alexandra spent yesterday getting convincing other housemates to sabotage the wedding between 42-year-old ‘Italian Stallion' Mario and 19-year-old Steph, after correctly figuring out it is a sham. Mario and Steph are set to wed today (08.06.08) as part of a secret task from Big Brother.

After the pair had got all housemates apart from trainee teacher Rachel, 24, and Thai massage therapist Kathreya on board, Mario tried to silence doubters by saying he has the power to invite only who he likes to the wedding.

After visiting Big Brother, Mario said: "I've just squared it up with Big Brother. I know there've been elements of doubt. If you believe it's a folly, I would like you not to attend. It's our day and it's special."

The wedding has put a great deal of pressure on the four housemates involved – the first four who arrived in the house - which also includes straight laced Luke and Mario's real-life girlfriend, Lisa.

Meanwhile, Mario and Steph - the supposed happy couple - have been hurling abuse at each other.

Mario confided in straight-laced Luke, going as far as to say he "hated" Steph, adding: "She threw off the ring saying, ‘I'm not f***ing marrying you.' She's pushing me to the limit, she's a k**b. I said, ‘I don't particularly like you, in fact, I hate you.' "

By the end of the day, Mario was saying that the "quickest divorce ever" may be called for. Big Brother last night treated the housemates to hen and stag parties.

If Mario and Steph go through with the ceremony and convince their fellow housemates they are a real couple, they will be safe from eviction this week – along with Lisa and Luke. However, if they fail in their task, the rest of the housemates will be safe from eviction, and the unlucky four will face the public vote.

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