'Best man' Mikey

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  • 7 June 2008

Mikey talking with Mario

Mikey has agreed to be Mario's 'best man'.

Bodybuilder Mario asked the blind crossdresser for his support tomorrow (08.06.08) when he 'marries' Steph as part of a secret 'Big Brother' task.

Mikey said: "That would be such an honour."

But Mario - who once appeared on 'Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway' where he tried to fool members of the public into thinking he was Joey from US comedy 'Friends' - said he doesn't want Mikey to take it too seriously.

He said: "You're funny, that's all I want. Light-hearted, yeah? None of this serious love and romance."

But 42-year-old Mario has sparked more sceptisism among housemates by saying the 'couple' won't spend the night together after the ceremony.

He said: "I'm so big I can't sleep straight in the bed. Even these beds are too small for me. Tonight she'll have to sleep in there. And tomorrow."

But Mikey was not prepared to allow Mario - whose real girlfriend Lisa is in on the scam - to be separted from his 'wife-to-be'.

He said: "Tomorrow night as well? We can't have you parted on the wedding night!"

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