Emma Watson feared Dan Stevens would break her foot in Beauty and the Beast

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  • 5 March 2017
Dan Stevens and Emma Watson

Dan Stevens and Emma Watson

Emma Watson feared she would end up with a broken foot while shooting the dance scenes in 'Beauty and the Beast' as her co-star Dan Stevens was performing on stilts

Emma Watson feared Dan Stevens would break her foot when they danced together for 'Beauty and the Beast'.

The 'Beauty and the Beast' stars rehearsed extensively for the film's iconic waltz to the titular song in the live adaptation of the classic fairytale, but the actress was "slightly terrified there might be a mishap because her co-star was on stilts and in heavy prosthetics for filming in character.

She recalled: "Dan was essentially wearing steel-capped stilts. I was slightly terrified my foot was going to get broken or we were going to end up in a heap on the floor. So it had an extra edge to it."

But Emma admitted rehearsing for the famous scene was the ideal way to bond with her co-star.

She said: "It was actually a really good pre-film bonding. We got to know each other and learned to trust each other. I would recommend all couples go and dance together, stamp on each other's toes, be completely off-beat. It's perfect."

And the pair think the dance is a great "metaphor" for the relationship between their characters.

Emma told Empire magazine: ""A waltz is the perfect way to do that because you are dizzy and breathless.

"You are having to put trust in the other person. You are learning how to keep time and rhythm with another person, not just yourself. It's the perfect metaphor."

But despite the 26-year-old star's concerns about Dan's stilts, he insists he became very proficient with them.

He said: "I got very good at stairs."

And Dan found filming "liberating" as he'd get to shoot his scenes twice because of the facial capture process.

He said: "Emma would come in, sit on the other side of the camera and play the scene again just to capture the facial expression. It was very liberating -- you got two cracks at a scene."

Beauty and the Beast

  • 4 stars
  • 2017
  • US
  • 2h 9min
  • PG
  • Directed by: Bill Condon
  • Cast: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Josh Gad
  • UK release: 17 March 2017

Belle (Watson) is forced to live with a Beast (Stevens) in this live-action retelling of the 1991 blockbuster. Watson is winsome but feisty, Evans as Gaston is splendid of voice and hilariously odious, McGregor brings much joie de vivre to ‘Be Our Guest’, and it’s an enchantingly realised delight.

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