Darnell's bum boast

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 June 2008

Darnell in the bath

Darnell is proud of his bum.

The US deportee's cheeky confession came last night (06.06.08) after fellow 'Big Brother' housemate Rachel said she feels society doesn't teach people to love themselves enough.

Darnell - who suffers from albinism, a hereditary congenital disorder, which leaves sufferers completely white due to a lack of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin and hair - said: "I do kind of like my a**."

Songwriter Darnell has previously given himself "three out of 10" for physical attractiveness because he is "way too skinny with a massive head".

And he's not the only housemate with a complex about the way he looks.

Cookie-mad Kathreya, who is originally from Thailand, has vowed to lose weight before her wedding next year because she "looks like a potato".

She said: "I want to lose half of me."

Last night, celebrity obsessed Rebecca - who was threatened with a restraining order by boy band Hanson for camping outside their hotel rooms - said her hair "looks like it's been dipped in chip fat".

And fitness fanatic Lisa has been spending a lot of time exercising in the garden after saying her stomach "looks a bit podgy".

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