Anne-Marie axed gig after washing passport

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 March 2017


Anne-Marie was forced to axe her show because she had washed her passport and couldn't get into the Netherlands

Anne-Marie had to cancel a gig when she accidentally washed her passport.

The 'Rockabye' singer took precautions to conceal her travel documents because she was afraid of being robbed, but forgot what she'd done and loaded her passport into the washing machine along with her sheets, meaning she had to axe a planned show while she awaited a replacement.

She said: "[My biggest regret is] putting my passport in my pillow case because I was afraid of robbers at a holiday park.

"I left it there and it got put through the wash and was destroyed.

"I had to wait ages for a new one and had to miss a gig in the Netherlands because I couldn't leave the country."

The 25-year-old star has vowed never to return to the holiday park as she was also involved in an embarrassing incident while she was there

She spilled to Grazia magazine: "I fell off a quad bike last month - it was quite scary. It was at the same holiday park. I'm never going back there."

The petite singer admitted people are often very shocked to learn she is highly skilled in martial arts.

She said: "People never believe it when they find out I'm a karate world champion. They don't see me as the type because I'm small and blonde."

Anne-Marie has been cheated on multiple times in the past and has nothing good to say about her former boyfriends.

Asked if anyone owes her an apology, she said: "All of my ex-boyfriends. They're a**eholes. Most of them cheated on me."

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