10 comedians playing Brighton Fringe that we rated at Edinburgh Fringe

10 Comedians playing Brighton Fringe that we rated at Edinburgh Fringe

Sleeping Trees / credit: Rosie Powell

Including Sleeping Trees, Sleeping Trees and Scott Gibson

There are 970 shows and events at this year's Brighton Fringe, which kicks off on Fri 5 May, including 320 comedy shows. In Brighton comedians don't play lengthy runs like they do in Scotland's capital, just one or two nights, so you can't wait about to see who's pulling in the best reviews. Luckily we've had a spool through programme to see who is headed for Brighton that we rated highly at the most recent Edinburgh Fringe. Some comedians are bringing the same show, others have been rather productive these past few months and have a new hour of material, while the rest are hiding behind the 'work-in-progress' tag line, in other words, you're a comedy guinea pig.

Scott Gibson
His Life After Death show earned Scott Gibson the much coveted Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer 2016. Lucky for you the gallus Glaswegian is bringing the award-winning show, about suffering a brain haemorrhage after a stag weekend in Blackpool, to the coast.
'A born raconteur who can hold your attention for an hour without flagging. He delivers constant big and hard laughs.'
Komedia, Fri 12–Sun 14 May

David Mills
David Mills has been busy since last August, he's written a new show. In Mr Modern he talks about his struggles to stay modern in a world quickly reverting to more medieval tendencies. Mr Modern follows 2016's Shame!, where he cast an eye, and a sharply arched brow, over the personal and the political. 'Big laughs come from apparent effortlessness on our subtle and sardonic host's part.'
The Blue Man, Sun 28 7 Mon 29 May

Sean McLoughlin
Also bringing a new show to Brighton is Sean McLoughlin. Our comedy editor saw his Edinburgh show Kamikaze and wondered, 'why the comedy world hasn't got its act in gear and helped make this man far more recognised than he is at the moment?.' You can help, by seeing his latest offering You Can't Ignore Me Forever. 'The feeling in this room is of being in the presence of a stand-up who is in complete control of his material.'
Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick, Fri 5–Sun 7 & Fri 19–Sun 21 May

Ellie Taylor
At Edinburgh Fringe Taylor tackled monogamy and sexual desire in her show Infidelleity. She's bringing a work in progress to Brighton, so no details on the content but following 'a consummate hour of sure-fire material and sharp observations where she doesn't miss a beat' we're hopeful it'll be a good 'un.
Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick, Thu 18 & Fri 19 May

Lucy McCormick
Okay so not technically a comedian but we thought the show was an unforgettable ride. Accompanied by her 'Girl Squad' (both blokes) Lucy McCormick reenacts the New Testament using a mix of dance, power ballads, performance art and mess. Expect to see three very fine dancers as the Wise Men in ripped hot pants boogying to 'Dirty' by Christina Aguilera, as well as 'hilarious, provocative routines that give sexuality, morality and pornography a proper shake-up'.
The Marlborough Pub & Theatre, Sat 6 May

Sleeping Trees
Comedy trio Sleeping Trees are bringing not just one of their themed physical comedy shows to Brighton but three. At the most recent Edinburgh Fringe the trio presented Sci-Fi?, 'a blockbuster hour of cleverly scripted fast laughs and energetic comedy' that saw the gang play a whole host of delightfully weird characters from Mary the pig to Galactacon the baddie and robot sidekick, Guns For Hands. Lucky Brighton Fringe audiences can also see their other shows Mafia? and Western?.'No one could accuse Sleeping Trees of phoning it in: this threesome haven't just created a comedy show, it's a full-blown epic.'
The Old Market, Fri 26 May

Sophie Willan
Willan's Edinburgh show On Record recapped her childhood as the neglected kid of a heroin-addict mum, having an abusive boyfriend and being fired as an arsey Christmas elf but firmly steered past any self-pitying pitfalls and into bleak belly laughs instead. In Brighton she presents her Edinburgh Preview. 'A gobby, very entertaining two-fingered salute to the 'hangover of poverty' with shed-loads of uncontrived charm.'
The Marlborough Pub & Theatre, Sat 20 & Sun 21 May

Sketch comedy duo Goodbear, Joe Barnes and Henry Perryment, take you through a day in the life of extraordinary characters from across the globe. 'The pair excel at physical comedy; perhaps it's their height difference, perhaps it's in their genes, but the skits that rely on sound effects and body manipulation are incredible.'
Komedia, Mon 29 May

Tez Ilyas
British Pakistani comedian Tez Ilyas delivers a new show at Brighton, Teztify. We do love a name pun. His most recent show, Made in Britain, was a relentless hour that explored the assertion that Muslims won't integrate with British culture, as well as voice casting and arranged marriage. 'A master of undercutting expectation and giving the audience just enough rope.'
The Warren Studio 3, Mon 15–Wed 17 May

Tom Ward
Tom Ward's debut show Sex, Snails and Cassette Tapes, which contained 'so many subtle diversions into oddball territory' is followed up by a work in progress provisionally titled Asides and Besides. Apparently you should expect 'Expect lots of words and thoughts' according to Brighton. 'Ward has a habit of wandering off in unexpected yet inspired whimsy and you can never be too sure what's coming next.'
Junkyard Dogs, Fri 5 & Sat 6 May

Scott Gibson: Life After Death

  • 4 stars

Life After Death tells the story of a stag weekend that resulted in a brain haemorrhage. The show won Gibson the coveted 'Best Newcomer' award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2016.


  • 4 stars

Joe Barnes and Henry Perryment present sketches that deal with life's big issues.

David Mills: Mr Modern

The stand-up talks about his struggles to stay modern in a world quickly reverting to more medieval tendencies.

Sophie Willan: Edinburgh Preview

Follow-up show to 2016's On Record from the Boltonian comedian.

Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi?

  • 4 stars

A blockbuster hour of cleverly scripted fast laughs and energetic comedy as the threesome follow Mafia? and Western? with Sci-Fi?

Lucy McCormick: Triple Threat

The performer presents a trash-step dub-punk morality play for the modern world in which she is cast in all the main roles. With direction by cabaret and performance art superstar Ursula Martinez.

Sean McLoughlin: You Can’t Ignore Me Forever

A new show from the comedian and writer.

Ellie Taylor: This Guy

  • 3 stars

Bubbly banter and energetic, upbeat wit from the former contestant on ITV's Show Me The Funny.