Wedding to be wrecked

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 June 2008

Dancer Dennis in the house

The housemates are planning to sabotage the first 'Big Brother' wedding.

Camp dancer Dennis is plotting to wreck Sunday's fake ceremony (08.06.08) between Mario and Stephanie - who have to pretend they are a couple as part of a secret task.

This morning (07.06.08) Dennis - who previously said he would stop at nothing to win a task - correctly deduced the 'couple' would be immune from eviction if they succeed in fooling the other housemates.

He said: "If it's real, then that's good. If it's fake, then we win. It's a win-win situation."

Alexandra - who has been described as "unpleasant" and "arrogant" by a disgruntled neighbour in Croydon where she lives - asked Dennis if motor-mouth Rebecca is "on board" to sabotage the wedding.

Luke, 20, and Mario's real girlfriend Lisa are part of Mario and Stephanie's secret task.

If the quartet succeed in fooling the other housemates, they will escape the public vote, while all the other contestants will be up for eviction next week.

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