Rachel and Mohamed get close

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  • 7 June 2008

Rachel likes Mohamed better sober

Rachel and Mohamed are getting close in the 'Big Brother' house.

Stunning Miss Wales runner-up Rachel told Mohamed - who admitted to Darnell he fancied the trainee teacher - that lots of women will want to date him when he leaves the house during a chat in the early hours of this morning (07.06.08).

But toy demonstrator Mohamed confessed he isn't very good with women and can only speak to girls up after he has had a few drinks.

Rachel, who has already confessed to Stephanie she has a long-term boyfriend on the outside, said: "You don't need alcohol, you've got good social skills. You've got confidence. I think you'll meet a girl when you least expect it. But enjoy being single. You'll meet the one and she'll shock you."

The former child actress also said she would pick a sober man over a drunk guy any day.

She added: "Once there was a drunk guy cracking on to me and he dribbled all over my shoe - what a turn off! He was a nice person, but after the dribbling it wasn't going to happen!"

Mohammed - who says his perfect woman is actress Monica Bellucci - also revealed he fancied Sierra Leone-born Sylvia.

Darnell - who was deported from the US after getting involved in gang trouble - told Mohamed the three girls he most fancied were Sylvia, Rachel and Mario's fake fiancée Steph, but insisted he wouldn't make a move on the blonde because he is "not a home wrecker".

Less than an hour ago, model Jennifer revealed that arrogant Dale told her he likes her, but she doesn't believe him because she thinks he prefers blondes.

But soon after, 40-year-old Lisa - Mario’s real girlfriend - asked P.E. teaching student Dale if he is single and if he would consider dating an older woman.

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