Housemates' Big suspicions

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  • 7 June 2008

Mock up Mario and Steph photo

Housemates are growing more suspicious of Mario and Steph's 'engagement'.

The 'couple' - who are pretending to be an item in a secret task set by Big Brother - are under intense scrutiny from fellow contestants in the run up to their fake wedding tomorrow (08.06.08).

Alexandra - whose boyfriend is in jail after being charged with a gangland murder and has also been arrested herself - believes the mock-up photo of the 'couple' planted in the house by Big Brother is a fake.

She said: "If you were in here with your boyfriend of nine months, why would you bring a photo of you and him?"

Part-time model and mother Jennifer replied: "You wouldn't because you'd see him every day. And for someone who's getting married, there's just no reaction whatsoever."

Less than an hour ago, Mario's real girlfriend Lisa - who is in on the task along with 20-year-old 'pensioner' Luke - jokingly told Steph she has a landed herself a "real hunk" and an "Italian stallion" in front of other housemates.

Mario yesterday (06.06.08) said he never wants to see Steph again after the task is over and that she is spending way too long in the Diary Room.

He moaned: "She's just trying to get on the box and milk it!"

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