Julia Roberts' birth prediction

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  • 7 June 2008

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts' daughter predicted when she was going to give birth.

The 'Pretty Woman' actress had son Henry prematurely last year on the day her three-year-old daughter Hazel - who has a twin brother Phinnaeus - told her she would.

Julia revealed: "Phinnaeus and Hazel were so ready for a brother. The day Henry was born, Hazel had told me earlier that morning that he was going to be born that day.

"It was three weeks before I was due so I said I didn't think he would be. Then 15 hours later, he was in my arms."

Julia says the twins have "distinctive personalities", adding that the children "all get along great".

The 40-year-old actress also revealed husband Danny Moder is a hands-on father, adding: "He does everything, even changing diapers. We don't fight about anything, that's a boring answer, but it's true."

When asked by US TV talk show host David Letterman if the couple are planning to have more children, Julia laughed and replied: "More kids? The prelude to the kids, there'll be more of that."

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