Toby Kebbell: Kong has a 'massive presence' in Kong: Skull Island

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  • 1 March 2017
Toby Kebbell

Toby Kebbell

Toby Kebbell says Kong has a "massive presence" in 'Kong: Skull Island' because the CGI technology has come so far

Toby Kebbell says Kong has a "massive presence" in 'Kong: Skull Island'.

The 34-year-old actor provided guidance for the titular colossal ape's CGI motion capture in the upcoming reboot of the popular creature movie franchise which was first established in the 1933 eponymously titled movie 'King Kong', and has said the way technology has moved forward allows for the character to shine as the "lead of the film".

Speaking at the European premiere of the movie in London's Leicester Square on Tuesday (28.02.17), Toby said: "I think this time what ILM did with creating the creature and asking myself to come in and give Kong the detail and the emotion, I think you're seeing a Kong that this time has a massive presence. I think he's the lead of the film."

And Toby - who also stars as US Army Major Jack Chapman in the production - believes the reason Kong is such a popular character lies in the fact that audiences hope the giant creature will save them when they need him.

He added: "We're always frightened of that terrifying thing when we arrive and it's trying to destroy us, but then when we're in trouble and we need someone huge then you know, we hope Kong will turn up."

Meanwhile, Toby's co-star Tom Hiddleston - who plays Captain James Conrad in the action adventure movie - said Kong's appeal comes from how "captivated" audiences are by his "power and majesty".

He said previously: "He is truly monstrous in size and scale and scope. He's 90 feet tall.

"We're captivated by Kong's power and majesty. He is the mystery of the unknown, he is a terrifying force of nature with an intelligence we don't understand."

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