Housemate injuries

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 June 2008

Rex revealed broken toes

Housemates have been comparing their injuries.

Top chef Rex revealed to the rest of the house that he was hit by a car which broke all of his toes. He showed his damaged feet to the group in the living room.

The self-styled playboy earlier revealed to Mario that he injured his knees when he kept landing on them during five-a-side football matches.

Mikey - who was left completely blind after an operation - followed Rex's candid revelations by showing everyone a huge scar on his back.

The cross-dresser - who works as a radio producer for a blind radio station - said the scar was the result of an operation to remove a large birthmark and sparked the nickname "jobby back" at school.

To prevent further injury, Big Brother warned housemates against "extreme fitness exercise" this afternoon (06.06.08) after Kathreya screamed for Dennis to stop the intense stretching routine he was performing on her.

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