Hull's apocalypse approaches: details of James Phillips' year-long epic Flood revealed for Hull 2017

Hull's apocalypse approaches: details of James Phillips' year-long epic Flood revealed for Hull 2017

credit: Perry Curties

Four-part adventure comes to audiences in Hull and beyond via an online video, two live plays and a BBC broadcast

Telling a story of renewal and rebirth, James Phillips' Flood traces the end of the world and the events that follow, looking at what happens to Hull when the apocalypse approaches. The year-long epic, which has been commissioned especially for Hull 2017, will be told online, live in Hull and on the BBC, with each of the four parts existing either as a stand-alone piece or as part of the series.

As one of Leeds-based theatre company Slung Low's most ambitious works, Flood uses live performance, special effects, film and digital elements in order to tell the story over the course of a year. The first part, From The Sea, is a short film prologue which has been released online and screened across Hull in an airstream caravan.

Part two, Abundance, explores the coming apocalypse through a live play which will be performed at Victoria Dock from 11–15 Apr. Tickets for Abundance are now on sale.

The third part, To The Sea, will be broadcast on the BBC in summer 2017 as part of Performance Live, a series of programmes that invites a diverse range of artists, producers and organisations to create their own television shows. To The Sea takes place in the aftermath of the apocalypse, with England submerged in water and the characters becoming refugees.

The final segment will be told through another live play, New World, performed at Victoria Dock in October 2017. New World follows the characters' attempts to start fresh by making the world new again.

Martin Green, Director Hull 2017 said: 'It is wonderful to be working with Slung Low, one of the most brilliant companies in the UK. As we launch our next two seasons Flood embarks us on an extraordinary journey, which over the next months will stimulate, challenge and ask questions of the audience in an epic piece of storytelling.'

Hull UK City of Culture 2017 involves a 365 day programme of events, highlighting the creativity and spirit of the city's many artists, revolutionaries and thinkers. Divided into four seasons, the many events planned throughout the year will draw on a number of themes including Hull's position as a gateway to Europe and its international links.

Further details, including ticket prices and performance dates of To The Sea and the dates of the BBC broadcast of New World, are still to be announced.

Flood: Abundance

Part two of the year-long epic Flood, which follows the city of Hull as the apocalypse approaches.