Housemates’ excercise warning

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 June 2008


’Big Brother’ housemates have been warned not to wear themselves out with ”extreme fitness excercise”.

The health-conscious reality TV contestants – including bodybuilding couple Mario and Lisa – were advised to tame their physical exploits after cookie fan Kathreya screamed at Dennis when he refused to stop performing a punishing stretching exercise on her legs this afternoon (06.06.08).

The Thai-born masseuse later said she wanted to lose weight because she “looks like a potato”.

At noon today, Lisa said her stomach was "looking podgy" before smoker Rebecca announced she would join her for some exercise outside. The pair then power walked around the garden.

Later, Lisa – who once lied about being a Gladiator - performed bodybuilding poses at the pool side for Rachel, Mohamed, Rebecca, and Mario, who all cheered at the display.

Meanwhile, Rex revealed to Mario he has developed knee problems due to years of playing five-a-side football.

He said: "It is just from landing on my knees when I jump up."

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