Patrick Stewart felt emotional playing Professor Xavier in Logan

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  • 28 February 2017
Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart

Acclaimed actor Sir Patrick Stewart has confessed he felt emotional playing Professor Xavier for the final time in 'Logan'

Sir Patrick Stewart felt emotional playing Professor Xavier for the final time in 'Logan'.

The award-winning actor has played the role of the iconic Professor since 2000 and he admitted to feeling nostalgic during the making of the James Mangold-directed movie, which has been well received by critics.

Asked if he felt emotional while making the film, Sir Patrick shared: "There were moments during production, yeah. There's a moment in the first scene when I very tenderly take Hugh Jackman's face in my hand and then say, 'What a disappointment you are.' Ha!

"I was very lucky on this film - my first scene was my opening scene in the movie, my last night's work was my last scene."

Despite his sadness, Sir Patrick stressed that 'Logan' is funny at times, too.

The 76-year-old actor told Den of Geek: "People are surprised at how much humour there is in 'Logan'. Even in the middle of fairly uncomfortable scenes, like the early one Hugh and I have in the tank - but it's funny at times, too."

Meanwhile, Sir Patrick's on-screen co-star Hugh - who played Wolverine for the final time in the movie - recently said 'Logan' has more depth to it than the earlier films.

He explained: "I love Wolverine. I will not miss it, for it will always be inside me.

"It was very emotional to make this movie. I always felt that there was a deeper story about this character.

"I'm very proud of the movies of the past, but I felt I had something more. Like a man. He did not want to be just the tough Wolverine, but the difficult Logan.

"I cried a few times on the set. I hope fans will say: finally, this is the Wolverine movie I wanted to see."

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