Alex Mytton was in 'love triangle'

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  • 26 February 2017
Alex Mytton and Lottie Moss

Alex Mytton and Lottie Moss

Alex Mytton got caught up in a love triangle with his girlfriend Lottie Moss and her flat mate

Alex Mytton was involved in a "love triangle" with Lottie Moss and her flatmate.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star has been dating the 19-year-old model since October, and although things are going well between them, they didn't initially hit it off and eventually found themselves in a potentially messy situation.

He said: "We didn't immediately hit it off and I nearly hooked up with her flatmate but then ended up getting with Lottie. For a while there was kind of a love triangle and there could have been trouble but it all settled down."

While things are going well for the couple, they have no plans to live together just yet, though Alex admits he likes having his girlfriend "look after" him.

He explained: "It's still early days, although we're really into one another.

"She's young too. She's seven years younger than me but it's weird because she is more mature than I am. I like to go and get hammered and I behave like a child so she has to look after me sometimes."

And the 26-year-old reality star is a long way off wanting to start a family.

He told Closer magazine: "I think Lottie is amazing but she's only 19 and I have no desire to have a baby. I'm not ready for the responsibility. I think 30-plus would be a good time. I can't even iron my own shirts, so I'm definitely not ready for a child."

But Alex is thrilled for his ex-girlfriend, Binky Felstead, who is expecting her first child with Josh 'JP' Patterson.

He said: "I have said a massive congratulations to her. We remain really good friends.

"She's the first one out of our friendship group to have a kid, so it's a big thing. But she'll be the perfect mum."

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