Housemates in Big pickle

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  • 6 June 2008

Kathreya and Mohamed relax

The 'Big Brother' housemates are fussy eaters.

Blind, cross-dressing comic Mikey hates pickle while 20-year-old trainee teacher Rachel loves "boring food".

Thai-born cookie-fiend Kathreya offered to cook this morning (06.06.08) but Rachel declined because she was nervous about what Kathreya would prepare.

Rachel said: "If I have sandwiches, just margarine and spread will be fine, or ham and cheese. You don't need all the pickle."

Mikey admitted he hates pickle so much he can't even bear to say the word.

The Scotsman - who shares music diva Diana Ross' strange eating habits - exclaimed: "I'm very keen on boring food. I absolutely hate The 'P' Word. That's what I call P.I.C.K.L.E. I don't even like to spell it. I don't eat sandwiches. I can only eat sandwiches if the bread is separate from the stuff inside. I eat the bread, I eat a bit of the inside. I can't eat bread and the stuff together."

Meanwhile, top chef Rex told bodybuilder Mario he doesn't mind cooking for the house - because food is his passion.

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