ITV to launch new challenge show

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  • 24 February 2017


ITV are set to launch a new challenge show entitled 'Cannonball', which will emulate the success of 'Ninja Warrior UK' and 'Total Wipeout'

ITV are set to launch a new challenge show entitled 'Cannonball'.

Bosses at the popular broadcaster are looking to emulate the success of their current physicality-based challenge show 'Ninja Warrior UK' and rival broadcaster BBC's bonkers 'Total Wipeout' - which was axed in 2013 - by commissioning the new programme which will see contestants compete in a variety of water-based tasks.

According to The Sun newspaper, the show will include entertaining challenges such as attempting the highest and longest jumps possible from water slides whilst wearing fancy dress.

The publication also reports that the programme will be filmed in the warmer climate of the Mediterranean, so hopeful applicants aren't put off by the idea of getting into freezing cold water.

A source told the newspaper: "'Cannonball' is a wacky idea for a show but it promises to be funny. It involves people throwing themselves around in a swimming pool and making fools of themselves."

The idea for 'Cannonball' comes from an existing show named 'Bommetje XXL' which has already proved a hit in Holland, and was made by production company Talpa Media, bought by ITV in 2015.

Talpa Media are also the production company behind 'The Voice UK' - which ITV previously bought the rights to after it was dropped by the BBC - celebrity dance competition 'Dance Dance Dance', and Phillip Schofield's new game show '5 Gold Rings'.

Whilst no air date has been confirmed for the show, ITV bosses are already looking for willing participants with applications closing on March 26.

An advert posted on the ITV website says: "We're looking for brilliant, courageous, adventure loving contestants for our massive new water based challenge show filmed in a stunning Mediterranean location. No fitness skill required, you just need to be able to swim and willing to be... thrown in at the deep end! You don't have to be a six packed, gym lover to win 'Cannonball'.

"Daredevils, of all shapes and sizes can apply, no matter what their athletic ability - anyone can win. If you've got the guts to get wet, the glory could be yours."

At time of publishing, no host has been confirmed for the show.

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