The List – helping people get a life for over 30 years

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  • 24 February 2017
The List – helping people get a life for over 30 years

Finding out what's on near you will soon become as easy as looking up the weather

Quickly finding out what to do in your free time is difficult. The List, the UK's leading events guide, is on a mission to simplify this.

Right now, if you want to find out what's on at the cinema or which bands are playing near you tonight, you'll probably have to look in many different places to get the information that you need. In the future, however, this information will be as ubiquitous as weather forecasts. It will be available from every device and service you interact with, whether that's your mobile phone first thing in the morning, your fridge as you get your breakfast or the autonomous vehicle that drives you into work.

Currently, events data is messy and hard to collate. As soon as an event is over, the information is of no value. It changes all the time and it has to be acquired from a huge range of different providers. This is where The List's technology comes into play.

The List has developed bespoke systems to collect, clean and redistribute events data from multiple sources to a range of industries. Its data is simple to integrate, for any consumer facing service and enables users to easily find out what to see and do.

Simon Dessain, CEO of The List, said: "Not only do we have the richest information available but we will also guide you to the best of everything that's on with a range of recommendation services. We know what it takes to solve this problem with a mix of implied and inferred preferences. We then leverage emerging machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, all polished with an element of human curation."

The List already works in the accommodation, transport and destination marketing sectors, but its customer base is widening sharply as more services seize opportunities to deliver high quality entertainment data and similar content in context.

Across time The List's ability to scale these services has increased dramatically; where once we had a team acquiring 3000 listings a month, there are now streamlined processes collecting up to 37,000 events and festivals, including over half a million future performances. This is the UK's most comprehensive set of events data.


The List started in 1985 as a what's on guide in Scotland, in the vein of Time Out and the Village Voice. Today, The List is the leading provider of events information across the United Kingdom, and has won multiple awards for both the quality of its content and the strength of its technology. The List will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from Mon 27 Feb to Thu 2 March.

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