Zoe Boyle's 'terrifying' telling off from Maggie Smith

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  • 23 February 2017
Zoe Boyle

Zoe Boyle

Zoe Boyle has revealed she was told off by Dame Maggie Smith on 'Downton Abbey' after using her phone during "boring" scenes on the ITV show

Zoe Boyle got a "terrifying" telling off from Dame Maggie Smith on the set of 'Downton Abbey'.

The 28-year-old actress has revealed her 82-year-old former co-star gave her "daggers" when she was using her phone during filming on set of the popular ITV period drama, which came to an end in 2015 following five years on screen, but they soon made up despite the "awkward" incident.

Speaking to BUILD, Zoe said: "I got told off by Maggie Smith. Which was bad. On 'Downton'.

"On 'Downton Abbey' you do these big dinner party scenes and they take forever. And they really, really, I mean it's a great show, love it and everything, but those scenes are boring. Those scenes are really boring to film. And uh, I was sat opposite Maggie and um, I was on my phone. And it was her coverage. And I, it was a long day. And I didn't hear that we were ready to go and I just heard this, 'Hello' and I looked up and she was, it was the only time she ever addressed me and she was just staring daggers at me and I was like, "Oh no. Oh no, I'm in trouble with Maggie.

"It was fine we made friends and it was all good, but that was an awkward one. Terrifying."

Zoe's character Lavinia Swire was introduced to the show in series two as Matthew Crawley's (Dan Stevens) fiancée, but was killed off after catching Spanish flu, although the flame-haired beauty is thankful she was a part of the show as it changed her life.

She previously said: "'Downton' changed everything for me massively. I loved the show so much and couldn't even believe I had been asked to audition for it.

"It's surreal being in something like that when you know all the people and their work.

"It was an amazing job to shoot but the aftermath was so weird because people loved it so much."

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