Danielle Lloyd is worried about Jamie O'Hara parental 'ability'

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  • 23 February 2017
Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd has hit out at her ex-husband Jamie O'Hara and questioned his parental "ability."

Danielle Lloyd is "increasingly concerned" about her ex-husband Jamie O'Hara's "ability" to look after their sons.

The 33-year-old former glamour model came under fire yesterday (22.02.17) after she allegedly banned the out-of-action footballer from seeing their three children; Archie, six, Harry, five and George, three, after he failed to pick them up on time because he'd accidentally locked his keys in a venue in London following a charity event.

But the brunette beauty - who is expecting a baby with her fiance Michael O'Neill - has now hit back at the 30-year-old sportsman by claiming she's temporarily stopped access because she's worried for her boys' welfare.

Danielle's representative said: "Yesterday, Danielle Lloyd was subject to another Twitter tirade from her ex-husband Jamie O'Hara in which Mr O'Hara stated that he had been denied access to his three children. This is not the case - Jamie O'Hara was unable to keep to the arrangements that had been made of his own accord, arrangements which are bound by a court agreement and are in place to achieve stability and safety for their children."

Jamie reportedly emailed the reality TV star in the early hours of the morning to tell her that he wouldn't be able to pick up their children on time from their home in Birmingham because he was stuck in the English capital.

The representative added to the MailOnline: "As a pregnant full-time mum with three young boys, Danielle was asleep and understandably did not receive the email until much later that morning when she woke. With complete knowledge that he would be collecting his children from their home in Birmingham later that morning, a two-and-a-half hour drive away, Danielle is increasingly concerned about Jamie O'Hara's ability to care for their children."

But it wasn't just Danielle who was fuming with Jamie after the slip up as the three boys were also let down because they've reportedly only seen him once since he left the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house earlier this month.

The spokesperson explained in the statement: "Danielle would like to point out that since leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house three weeks ago Jamie has only seen his children once - due to his work commitments.

"The boys were upset to be let down once again by their father - one of many occasions where Mr O'Hara has failed to turn up and has missed opportunities to see them over the years. Danielle's full-time job is a mother to her three children and receives no maintenance from Mr O'Hara."

Danielle was forced to defend herself after Jamie - who she divorced in 2014 after he allegedly cheated on her - took a swipe at her on social media yesterday by accusing her of ordering him to go back to court to see the boys.

He fumed: "ex wife wont let me go and watch my own kids play football and says if I turn up there will be trouble,have to go back to court for access Drove all the way to Birmingham to be told that access has been stopped and I have to go back to court to see my three boys, All because I left my car keys at a charity event last night and had to collect them this morning and wasn't able to get there at 9:30

"Try and rectify the situation and make the situation work as parents but get told don't bother and now go to court if you want to see them The disgraceful thing is I only want to see my three children and the only ones that get hurt are them, what a disgrace (sic)."

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