Ant Middleton: Mutiny is 'massively harder' than The Island

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  • 22 February 2017
Ant Middleton

Ant Middleton

Ant Middleton says Channel 4's new survival show 'Mutiny' is "massively harder" than 'The Island'

Ant Middleton says 'Mutiny' is "massively harder" than 'The Island'.

The 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' star has been tasked with recreating a 4,000-mile expedition with eight men for the new Channel 4 survival show, and has said the gruelling journey is "no comparison" with the rival show hosted by survival expert Bear Grylls.

Asked if 'Mutiny' is harder than 'The Island', Ant said: "There's no comparison. It's massively harder.

"He's a great guy and what he does is inspirational but we're putting it all on the line.

"Where I'm a bit different to Bear is I'm willing to strip myself down to my bare bones and go, 'chuck it at me'.

"I talk a good talk but I walk a better walk.

"That's where I feel comfortable - you've got to be in the mix or I'm not interested."

'Mutiny' will see Ant take on the role of Captain William Bligh as he recreates one of the greatest survival feats in British History.

In 1789, Bligh was forced out onto a small life boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after the famous mutiny on his ship HMS Bounty. Along with a small crew, Bligh survived the journey across thousands of miles in search of land, all on a small 23ft wooden vessel.

Meanwhile, Ant also revealed he lost a whopping 21kg whilst filming the programme.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I was literally half myself.

"I put on 10kg before I went in as I knew I would lose weight - it wasn't muscle; it was mostly Nando's.

"It got to a stage where it really concerned me. They got to a stage where if I'd have made the wrong choice in my orders then it could have gone horribly wrong.

"They were just dehydrated, malnourished, psychologically and physically drained. I could sit here and say everything was fine but it wasn't you know, but I wouldn't change anything."

'Mutiny' begins on Channel 4 on March 6.

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