Green Brother

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  • 5 June 2008

Dining room

'Big Brother' has gone green for 2008.

Bosses will force housemates - who enter the house tonight (05.06.08) for the ninth series of the Channel 4 show - to grow their own fruit and vegetables as well as cultivate herbs from the garden.

The housemates will be provided boxes to store their produce and will also have to be environmentally conscious by using the large recycling bin in the kitchen.

Not only will the contestants not have the luxury of supermarket produce, they may also face an uncomfortable night in the dormitory-style bedroom or even spend time in the house's jail.

To make life even harder, housemates will be able to see each other when they shower - thanks to a see-through wall between the bathroom and the kitchen area.

Presenter Davina McCall has promised viewers the housemates will be in for a tough time.

She said: "'Big Brother' is no longer going to be lenient in any way, shape or form.

"We've been a bit soft the last couple of years, this is not a holiday camp you know, this is an entertainment programme and we need a winner."

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