Sexy Big Brother

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 June 2008

Big Brother host Davina McCall

'Big Brother' bosses have promised live sex and horny housemates this year.

This year's series, which starts tonight (05.06.08), is set to be the raunchiest yet with no place to hide from the cameras for the contestants.

A show insider said: "Fans will get to see housemates in all their mucky glory. If they have sex our cameras will record it and fans will get to see just how saucy these housemates can be."

Producers have also installed sophisticated microphones around the pool area and removed the 'No Petting' sign after viewers had difficulty hearing Anthony Hutton and Makosi Musambasi's steamy water romp during 'Big Brother 6'.

However, some frisky housemates might have to get steamy in the less than romantic dormitory-style bedroom if they're not lucky enough to sleep in the luxury double beds.

Other new features for 'Big Brother 9' are said to include a spooky jail for rule-breaking housemates, the first return of house pets since the chickens flew the coop and a futuristic diary room chair.

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