David Kay – 'My audience demands scone-based material'

Interview: David Kay – 'My audience demands scone-based material'

Ahead of his Glasgow Comedy Festival date, the deadpan Scottish stand-up chats about the controversy flying around contemporary scone recipes

There are very few comedians working today who have partly made their reputation with routines about scones. OK, for 'very few', read 'one': David Kay. Many things have been said and written about the laconic Scottish stand-up since his arrival on the scene in the mid-90s, but nothing has summed him up quite so succinctly as this press quote: 'Kay arrives looking as though he should be in an art-school indie band, yet talking as if he's a senior citizen.'

But never mind all that: what is it about scones that floats his comedic boat? 'I couldn't do scone-based material without loving scones,' he confesses. 'I like a scone with butter and jam. Often when I'm writing new material I'll have a scone to get me in the zone. The good thing about scones is that they are as relevant now as they were when I started. And also scones are just funny.'

Written down, this might not seem especially amusing, but if you have Kay's coothy vocal delivery in your head, then it's downright hilarious. But as he prepares for his Glasgow International Comedy Festival show, will he be performing some controversial material (he once had a section about identity theft built around some missing pyjama bottoms) or will it just be scones again? Both, as it turns out.

'I'll be covering politics, motivation, creative thinking, life and coaching Sir Andy Murray, but I'll need some scone-based material because my audience demands it,' Kay insists. 'I think some of the new scone-based stuff will revolve around some of the contemporary recipes that we're now seeing. I've only just become aware of the "sun-dried tomato scone" for one. In fact I'm finding that a bit too controversial myself now that I think about it. I might phone the tabloids: that's never a scone.'

David Kay: Live, The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 12 Mar.

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