Various - Pulp Fusion - album review (4 stars)


Pulp Fusion: Bustin’ Loose (Harmless)


The first in a veritable trove of stellar, themed retro-comps, Harmless celebrate Pulp Fusion’s 10th anniversary with a two-disc selection from NY crate digger, DJ and journalist Monk-One; and presumably his brief was ‘It ain’t broke . . .’ Cue 20 heavy, blaxploitation-worthy originals taking in the sampled (Luis Aviles’ ‘Happy Man’ plundered by DJ Premier/Christina Aguilera), the sublime (Sarah Vaughan’s busy cover of ‘Inner City Blues’) and the ridiculous (the JB’s taking to the moog on Fred Wesley’s ‘Blow Your Head’). Funk was just stepping back out of the shadows when this label opened their crates, ten years on and they’re still helping us keep it real, deep down and dirty.

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