Chris Chibnall's passion is in comedy

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  • 14 February 2017
Chris Chibnall and the Gracepoint cast

Chris Chibnall and the Gracepoint cast

'Doctor Who's new showrunner Chris Chibnall says he enjoys "variety" in his work, but his passion lies in comedy

'Doctor Who's new showrunner Chris Chibnall says passion lies in comedy.

The 46-year-old television writer - who will take over the popular BBC sci-fi show from current boss Steven Moffat once the upcoming series has aired - likes "variety" in his projects, and says despite being best known for thrilling drama series 'Broadchurch' and the mini-series 'Gracepoint', he's "always" had a flare for being funny.

He said: "I always like to have things that are different from each other.

"I really like variety, that's the amazing thing you can have as a writer - to have very, very different projects on the go. I always like o have something bubbling away inside my head which isn't necessarily the main one at the front of my mind.

"I've become quite well known for writing 'Broadchurch' but in theatre I've always done comedies and it's lovely to be able to flex those muscles. I like that."

Chris also isn't too worried about the pressure 'Doctor Who' will put on his work schedule, as he's "already talking" about his next projects.

He explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I expect 'Doctor Who' is going to take over my life to a certain degree but I'm already talking about the next play I'll do.

"It might take a couple of years but I've already got an idea for my next play."

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Peter Capaldi, who currently stars as the titular regenerating Time Lord, would be stepping down from his role at the same time as 55-year-old Steven - leaving Chris with a clean slate.

Peter - who became the 12th actor to take on the role in 2013 - said: "I feel it's time to move on. I feel sad, I love Doctor Who, it is a fantastic programme to work on.

"It can't praise the people I work with more highly, but I have always been someone that did a lot of different things."


1. Maria Mc Coy16 Feb 2017, 4:04pm Report

Just be careful a new Doctor isn't a great idea as well as as new show runner a lot of people were looking forward to seeing a Capaldi/Chiball series, that obviously would have proved too hard for Chibnall so we have to have another Doctor too.

I wasn't particularly impressed with Chibnall's previous episodes so I do hope he can concentrate on DW and stop thinking about comedy - if that's what he wants to write he should - but, DW isn't a comedy. Maybe while he goes on this holiday - forcing a second hiatus (probably another reason Capaldi is leaving) in less than 3 years - everyone will love that idea !!, he should watch every other episode to see how it's done. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is reported to be his best has an ending that screams for another one to show adventures with Brian Williams apart from a few post cards, it isn't a memorable episode - I had to look Chibnall's DW episode's up on Google, a think I never had to do with any other show runner.

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