Kevin Smith's daughter is banned for watching his films

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  • 14 February 2017
Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Writer-and-director Kevin Smith has admitted his daughter Harley is banned from watching his movies

Kevin Smith's daughter Harley is banned from watching his movies.

The 46-year-old writer-and-director - who is, perhaps, best known for creating Jay and Silent Bob - has admitted that his wife Jennifer is reluctant to expose their teenage daughter to his movies because they are so crude.

Asked if it's true that Harley has been banned from watching his films, Kevin said: "I mean, look, I'm all for it, in fact I've been begging her to watch the movies, but her mom, since she was young, always kind of told her 'you don't want to watch dad's movies,' and she was like 'why?' and she was like 'because they'll break your brain, because you'll be disgusted...'

"Like, she made me out to be a pornographer, so the kid's only seen 'Mallrats' thus far. And Lily Rose [Depp], on the other hand, like, texts me periodically to be like, 'I just watched Chasing Amy, that's really great. I just watched 'Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back', that's hysterical!'"

Kevin admitted he actually showed his daughters some of his best-known films when she was very small, but he acknowledged she was too young to grasp some of the X-rated comedy.

He told Den of Geek: "I mean we used to show her the movies when she was small, but she didn't dig on them because they're talky. They're not really for kids by any stretch of the imagination, so ... 'Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back' played well for her, that's when I realised, it just a big dirty cartoon.

"Because you could turn the sound down and she'd still like visually be captivated, if anyone's been visually captivated ever in the history of film by 'Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back', but a small baby might be able to."

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