Olivia Buckland involved in car crash

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  • 10 February 2017
Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland has been left with a throbbing head after she was involved in a car accident last night

Olivia Buckland was involved in a car crash last night (09.02.17).

The 'Love Island' star was forced to seek medical assistance in hospital after she smashed her head when a van ploughed into the back of her taxi while she was travelling home from a glamorous showbiz event in London on Friday morning.

Taking to her Twitter account, the blonde beauty gave her fans a running commentary of the situation before her hunky fiance Alex Bowen picked her up from the scene.

She wrote: "When you're on your way home from an event in London and end up in a car crash I'm ok thought my baby is coming to get me xx

"I'm fine guys Alex has picked me up on way home. I will go hospital in morning to get checked as I hit my head xx Thankyou all for your concern so so lovely I feel fine honestly, I will go in morning if I feel worse. So grateful for my Alex. (sic)"

The 23-year-old beauty woke up after her sleep "stiff as a board" and decided to get herself checked over because her head was still pounding from the accident.

She then uploaded a photograph of the damaged van which smashed into her taxi.

She said: "When this goes straight into the back of your taxi and your on the backseat please everyone remember to wear seat belts please

"Just as I was getting my head into the gym and training and now this (sic)."

Olivia came under fire from her fans for not going to the hospital straight away last night but a representative for her has defended her decision to go home with her beau.

The spokesperson told The Sun Online: "Olivia was in the car when they got hit on both ends. She was shaken up but she didn't got to hospital at the time because she just wanted to get home. She woke up this morning in a bad way and she's headed to hospital to get an assessment because she hit her head."

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