Stacy Francis bans Kim Woodburn from Celebrity Big Brother reunion

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  • 10 February 2017
Stacy Francis

Stacy Francis

Stacy Francis has barred Kim Woodburn from attending the 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates' reunion party as he doesn't think they will want her there

Stacy Francis has banned Kim Woodburn from her 'Celebrity Big Brother' party.

The 47-year-old singer - who shot to fame on the US version of 'The X Factor' in 2011 - doesn't want the 'How Clean Is Your House?' star to attend their post-show bash as she doesn't think their fellow housemates would be "comfortable" if she was there after her explosive rows on the Channel 5 show last month.

Stacy told the Daily Star newspaper: "I definitely would not want Kim there. She can stay home. She said she and her husband would come.

"But I don't want her there. The others wouldn't be comfortable having her there."

Stacy and the 74-year-old cleaner came to blows with one another on several occasions inside the famous abode, and Kim said countless times she felt like she was being bullied by the house, but Stacy has called her a liar.

She explained: "There was no need for her to continue this crazy talk. And not a word she said was true. No-one bulled her."

On one episode, Stacy called Kim "disrespectful" for whipping her clean clothes out of the washing machine and scattering them across the laundry room because she wanted to use the appliance.

In a lengthy rant, Stacy shouted: "You put my stuff on the floor! That's not disrespectful? I would never do that to anybody in this house. Why would you put it on the floor? You can't come take somebody's s**t out of the washing machine, put it on the floor and put your stuff in and make yourself right about it. And then get mad at me if I'm around the house screaming about it, because I have a right to."

After the frizzy-haired beauty threatened to quit the show, Kim claimed she had no idea the star's clothes were clean and said there was nowhere else to put her washing.

But the American singer took another swipe at the TV star because she thought it was "worse" that Kim thought her laundry was dirty and therefore pulled it all out of the machine.

Stacy said: "That's worse. If you thought it was dirty clothes why wouldn't you be considerate it and wash it then take our turn? If it's not clean it means somebody has been in front of you to get their things washed, so you're being selfish."

But Stacy's rant didn't sit well with Kim and she told her not to mess with her.

Kim said: "Start with me and you'll be very sorry."

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