Davina McCall's 'tough' show

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  • 3 June 2008

Davina McCall

Davina McCall wants 'Big Brother' to be "even tougher" on housemates.

The reality TV show host thinks more stringent rules will help the programme become more successful than ever when it starts on Thursday (05.06.08).

She said: "Please may 'Big Brother' be even tougher on housemates this year? I want it to be difficult. I don't want them to walk into the Diary Room and ask for gas for their hair curling tongs and get it. We want them to have to do some humiliating and embarrassing and funny task in order to get it.

"This isn't a holiday camp. This is an entertainment programme and we need them to entertain us a lot for the next 13 weeks!"

Davina also blasted rumours she is planning to give up her presenting role because she is "bored" of the show.

She added: "The idea of somebody saying the show is boring is alien to me. It's people who don't watch it who say it's boring, because anybody who has watched it over the years would know it is never the same.

"In the build-up to the new show, I sometimes think, will this be as good as last year. But then I have one telephone call with the producer and by the end I am frothing at the mouth with excitement."

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