Daniel Mays will star in new BBC Two drama Against the Law

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  • 8 February 2017
Daniel Mays

Daniel Mays

Daniel Mays is set to star in new BBC Two drama 'Against the Law', to celebrate 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of same-sex relationships

Daniel Mays is set to star in the new BBC Two drama 'Against the Law'.

The 38-year-old actor has been cast as journalist Peter Wildeblood in the upcoming production, which will depict the 1954 gay sex trials involving him, former Conservative English politician Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, his cousin Michael Pitt-Rivers and Eddie McNally.

And Daniel has admitted he is "incredibly proud" to be part of the re-telling of an "important-real-life story".

Speaking about his latest venture, Daniel said: "I'm incredibly proud to be part of a drama that tells such an important real-life story. Peter Wildeblood is a fascinating, complex, yet flawed character from a time when being a gay man in Britain was incredibly difficult - I can't wait to bring his tale to life for the BBC Two audience."

The dark-haired hunk will star alongside his on-screen lover McNally, played by Richard Gadd and Charlie Creed-Miles as Superintendent Jones.

The plot will follow the escapades of the group of men, the conniving plot to uncover their homosexual relationships, including Peter's sentence to London's Wormwood Scrubs prison, and his plan of action to challenge the homophobic laws.

'Against The Law' will include real-life testimonies from people living in the 1950s who endured a number of punishments for their sexuality and treatments in an attempt to cure them, as well as statements from retired police officers who were forced to put laws to reprimand gay people into place.

The entertainment network has decided to launch the forthcoming series to celebrate 50 years since homosexuality criminalisation was partially banned in England and Wales, and the new legislation, which was put into place last month, pardoning approximately 50,000 men for being disciplined for having same-sex romances.

And BBC Two are excited to shed light on the historical event.

Patrick Holland - who is the Channel Editor at BBC Two - said: "50 years ago, it was a crime to be a gay man in the UK. 'Against the Law' is a stunning piece that melds drama and documentary testimony to tell the story of one man, and his wider generation, as they struggled to make society accept their sexuality as non-criminal."

'Against the Law' is set to hit UK TV screens later this year.

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