Big Brother housemates jailed?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 June 2008

Big Brother host Davina McCall

'Big Brother' housemates will face jail if they misbehave.

If the 'Big Brother 9' housemates break any rules they will be sent to a cramped prison which has been built in the garden of the house, but the show's producers insist the prison is intended to create harmony not arguments.

Producer Phil Edgar-Jones said: "This year's show is about respect and discipline. If housemates break the show's rules they're going to end up in jail.

"We pinched the idea from Belgian 'Big Brother' and hope that it will make the housemates behave."

Edgar-Jones is so proud of the show's plan he thinks British Prime Minister Gordon Brown might learn a thing or too about dealing with crime if he tunes in.

He added: "It's back to basics in terms of how to enforce rules, discipline people and have respect for others. On 'Big Brother' the villain never wins. Gordon Brown could do worse than watch this year's series for some policy tips."

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