Jeremy McConnell pleads with Stephanie Davis for a paternity test

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  • 8 February 2017
Jeremy McConnell

Jeremy McConnell

Reality TV star Jeremy McConnell has urged his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis to give him the paternity test he wants

Jeremy McConnell has begged Stephanie Davis to give him the paternity test he wants.

The 36-year-old star has implored the former 'Hollyoaks' actress to finally let him know whether he is, in fact, the father of her three-week-old son Caben-Albi.

Jeremy - who started a relationship with Stephanie after they starred on 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2016 - said: "I do believe I am the father. I want the baby to be mine, I can see a resemblance.

"I never said the baby wasn't mine, all I said was that there was a doubt because she was with other men in the first two weeks of April.

"Before we went to Cape Verde, we were broken up for two weeks - and I have no idea who she was sleeping with then."

Despite the turbulent nature of their love life, Jeremy has insisted he was thrilled when Stephanie first told him he was set to become a dad.

However, Jeremy also said he made the right decision in choosing to walk away from their relationship, after numerous failed attempts to make the romance work.

Speaking to The Sun Online, he recalled: "I was delighted. I was buzzing. I told her I loved her and I would be there for her.

"My initial reaction was to go straight to her ... but I didn't.

"Maybe I regret it a little now, but I know I've done the right thing.

"Things were so bad between us that going back to her could have been harmful for her and the baby.

"I loved her so much, I didn't want to take that risk."

Jeremy made a conscious decision to remain quiet after Stephanie announced her pregnancy, with the reality TV star explaining he didn't want to cause her and the baby undue stress.

He shared: "It's been killing me to stay quiet.

"People think I'm in denial, but I just want reassurance. That's it.

"If I'm the dad I will be delighted and I'll be civil with Steph. I want us to work together and do the best for our son. But she's making it really hard for me at the moment."

Meanwhile, Jeremy has accused Stephanie, 23, of parading her newborn son around like "the FA Cup" and claimed she is using Caben-Albi in order to make the transition from being an actress to a full-time reality TV star.

He said: "Having a baby has changed the public's perception of Steph - now she's a powerful, single woman doing it all on her own.

"That's her image changed. Her work has changed - she was never going to get any of that 'Loose Women' stuff before.

"I'm pleased to see her doing so well, but I can't help but feel she's used the baby to defame my name."

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