Dillon St Paul had brain tumour

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  • 7 February 2017
Dillon St Paul

Dillon St Paul

Dillon St Paul underwent brain surgery two weeks ago after doctors discovered a tumour in his scull

'The Apprentice' star Dillon St Paul was forced to undergo emergency surgery last month after doctors discovered he had a brain tumour.

The Irish contestant - who took part in the business show last autumn - was rushed to hospital two weeks ago after he suffered a seizure at work but, despite the pain he was in, he never expected to hear that he had a non-cancerous mass wedge in his brain.

Taking to his blog, he wrote: "After the seizure I was rushed to emergency where they found a tumor in my brain. Before I knew it I was in hospital prepping for surgery to have it removed; what followed was a whirlwind of pain, emotion and disappointment.

"I was about to write that this blog post is the hardest thing I've ever done because, believe me, writing this while in recovery is no easy feat (it took me a week and two failed attempts to navigate my way through this keyboard). But in actuality, the hardest thing was obviously surviving the brain surgery - a journey of pain and sorrow unlike anything I've ever experienced."

Dillon experienced his first seizure while he was working on a new project with his friend Vicki - who he co-created the magazine Stellar with - and is so grateful that she supported him during the episode because he had no idea what was going on.

He explained: "My left hand felt like it was moving in thick jelly and my speech froze. I say speech rather than mouth because it felt like the power to communicate deserted me not just the mechanism, if that makes sense. This was the moment my first seizure began. The single most terrifying thing you can ever imagine. I desperately tried to tell Vicki what was happening but my mouth wouldn't work and the left side of my face felt like it was melting and being pulled to the floor like gooey molasses. I fixed on Vicki's face but with no way to share what was happening I felt completely trapped. Reality vanished and time stopped.

"Fast forward to the emergency room where they tried to get to the bottom of what exactly was going on within my brain with callous candour. After being poked and prodded they ran a CT scan which showed up a small dark area- so a more detailed MRI was required. when you get an MRI they run a 'line" into you're arm and inject you with dye that shows up everything in more detail- this ran into my unusually narrow blood vessels too quickly and hurt like hell and so marked the first of many small necessary "evils" which would plague me for the following weeks. I seemed to be constantly prodded, poked and injected until reduced to tears on several occasions ...

"What they found was something called a low-grade glioma tumour. It had caused my seizure and was located on the right side of my brain in an area I was was told was "easily operable".

Dillon underwent the surgery and, although he couldn't see in front of him for the first week afterwards, he's now got his sense of smell back and has been recuperating by watching back-to-back episodes of 'Absolutely Fabulous.'

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