Amy Walsh is engaged

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  • 7 February 2017
Amy Walsh

Amy Walsh

Amy Walsh is set to get hitched next year after her partner Bradley Jaden got down on one knee last year

'Emmerdale's Amy Walsh has got engaged.

The 29-year-old actress - who is known for portraying Tracy Shankley in the long-running soap - is hoping to tie the knot with her partner Bradley Jaden next year after the long-haired hunk, whom she's been dating for five years, got down on one knee in August last year in the rainforest while they were on holiday in Thailand.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Amy said: "It's an amazing feeling. Everything feels more solidified between us. Thailand was the best holiday I've ever had...

"We went out for cocktails - I later found out that it was so people could go into our room and decorate it. After our drinks, we got drive back to our room. I was like, 'Why are we going there?' We got back to our room but we couldn't get in! So poor Brad was stood there with the ring in his pocket while we were locked out.

"There was a really romantic moment when we were waiting to be let in. It was really quiet and all we could hear were the noises in the rainforest. We took some pictures, then got the door unlocked and Bad walked me into our room; everywhere was just covered in flowers and candles.

"The bath was full of petals in a heart shape, flowers going down to our swimming pool and a bouquet of roses on the bed. He handed me his phone and it was playing a video with a montage of pictures of us through the years and him singing."

The couple - who were introduced to one another by Amy's famous sister Kimberley Walsh - are yet to choose a venue for their big day and have put planning on hold for the time being because Bradley is currently starring in the international tour of 'Wicked'.

Amy explained: "We don't have anything in place. We're hoping it will be in 2018. When Brad's back we're going to look at venues. We don't want to plan our wedding apart. We've tried in the last few months over text and it's just so hard with time differences."

However, the loved-up pair are open to the idea of getting hitched abroad.

She added: "There's a few places abroad we like, though we're not going to say where. I don't think we'd choose a church. Brad is spiritual but we're not religious."

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