Joan Rivers' healing help

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  • 4 June 2008

Joan Rivers' healing help

Joan Rivers tried to become a faith healer to save her dying dog.

Rivers was so desperate to stop the cancer spreading in her beloved Boston Terrier Lulu, she resorted to unconventional measures.

The US comedienne said: "When I was alone in my apartment I spent 10 minutes laying on hands the way healers do. I would touch Lulu all over and say 'heal' and 'feel the heat'. I must have looked like a total loony tune."

Lulu previously had a rear leg amputated and had undergone chemotherapy to try and stop the cancer spreading to its lungs. Unfortunately, none of the treatments were successful and Lulu was put down earlier this week.

Rivers, who turns 75 on Sunday (08.06.08), is quoted as saying: "Lulu shared my bed and my heart for 12 wonderful years.

"I'm sure she is in a place where she can bark all she wants, lick all she likes, chew balls to her heart's content and feast on a never ending bowl of liver treats."

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