Coleen Nolan desperate to save marriage

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  • 4 February 2017
Coleen Nolan entering CBB house

Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan says spending time in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house has made her realise she wants to save her marriage to Ray Fensome

Coleen Nolan wants to save her marriage.

Although the 'Loose Women' star's husband Ray Fensome did not show up to the 'Celebrity Big Brother' final to see her crowned the winner, Coleen is hopeful that the pair can fix their damaged marriage.

Speaking on 'Big Brother's Bit On The Side', she said having a trial separation while she was in the 'CBB' house had made her see how much she loved her husband.

She explained: "It's made me realise how much I do need him in my life.

"Because when things did happen in the house that were hard and were sad, all my housemates were brilliant, but I just thought if he was here he would know exactly how I was feeling."

Coleen also spoke about her marriage woes during her time in the house, telling her fellow contestants: "I do think I'm having a midlife crisis, I don't think it's all him.

"I'm questioning everything - am I happy? I'm not putting all the blame on him. It's just really sad."

And Coleen's son Shane Jr. - her child with Shane Richie - recently admitted that he was worried that his mother's marriage to Ray may not survive.

He said: "It's never nice seeing a parent cry, especially my mum. She's like my best friend, it's heartbreaking. I've seen her cry no more than five times... I think she hates crying in front of her children. She's never done it in all the break ups, and arguments with Ray. At the minute it [their marriage] doesn't look great, does it."

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