Natalie Portman would feel silly acting off set

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  • 4 February 2017
Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman never acts when she is not filming because she thinks it would be "silly"

Natalie Portman would feel "silly" if she tried to stay in character when not filming.

The 'Jackie' actress - who is pregnant with her and husband Benjamin Millepied's second child, a sibling for five-year-old son Aleph - has a lot of "respect" for method actors as she insists there is no way she would be able to immerse herself in a role so deeply, she insisted on carrying it on at home.

She said: "I respect people who are able to stay in character all the time but I can't do it. I feel really silly.

"I can't go back to my family and be [in Jackie Kennedy's voice], like, 'Hi everyone.!' [Aleph] would be like, 'Mum, stop.' "

Though the 35-year-old actress feels very lucky she rarely has to audition these days, she admits that can be restricting as she doesn't get the chance to prove herself in a different type of role.

Asked if she still has to audition, she told OK! magazine: "I am very, very lucky that I don't usually have to.

"But there's a downside to that too because people tend to think they know what I can or can't do.

"Choosing projects, I'm impulsive. A lot depends on the character, the script, the director...

"Nicole Kidman said something to me that stayed with me for so long. We worked together on 'Cold Mountain' when I was 21 and she said, 'You never know how a movie is going to turn out but you can ensure your process is interesting if you're working with an interesting director.' "

And these days Natalie also has to factor in the impact on her family when she's deciding whether to accept a project.

She explained: "Recently the extra layer is logistics because it takes a big toll on my family to be constantly moving around.

"They're like, 'Go to New Zealand for four months!' And I'm like, 'What planet are you living on? I have a kid in school!'"

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