Katherine Ryan has botched bum lift

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  • 2 February 2017
Katherine Ryan (c) Twitter

Katherine Ryan (c) Twitter

Katherine Ryan underwent a botched bum lift recently

Katherine Ryan can "barely move" after her botched bum lift.

The 33-year-old comedienne has been forced to cancel a string of her forthcoming gigs after she recently allowed an unlicensed surgeon to perform the operation in order to give her a pert posterior but, instead of a curve she's proud of, she's covered in bruises.

Taking to her Twitter account on Thursday (02.02.17), the funny lady shared a photograph of her backside covered in stitches and painful marks.

She accompanied it with: "It's true, I got a #BBL by an unlicensed surgeon but I'm making the best of it. Sorry to let you down. Refunds for canceled shows this wk ... I can barely move. It's like being 9 mos pregnant again. But in the bum. (sic)"

The blonde beauty reportedly underwent the surgery in Brazil and asked the surgeon to give her the "Kylie behind" - seemingly referring to Kylie Minogue - but was left devastated when she realised she was left with a bottom similar to Kylie Jenner.

She added: "I asked the doctor for 'Kylie' but he did the wrong one. Very stupid. Not worth it."

While some fans flooded Katherine with sympathy messages, other people weren't so willing to pass on their condolences and felt it was her own "fault" for agreeing to the operation.

One follower - known as Just Trev - said: "No sympathy, pure stupidity. There was no need. You used to look great why do that?"

Another called Ben Reese added: "Look at the size of that! It's like a shelf! (sic)"

Katherine Ryan appears on The Fake News Show, Monday 6 February, Channel 4.

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